The Institute of Women, Gender and Development Studies (IWoGDS) is a multidisciplinary Academic and Research Unit, Federal University of Technology, Owerri, Nigeria. Pursuant to the need to promote diversity, gender equality and equity, the University Senate in 2012 approved the Unit to serve as a leading centre of academic excellence and innovation in the areas of Women, Gender and Development Studies at local, national and international levels. Since 2012, the Unit has aggressively engaged in activities that promote teaching, research and community service on women, gender and development related issues.

Our VIsion

To be the foremost centre of excellence for teaching, training, research and interdisciplinary study of  women, gender and development issues.

Our Mission

The mission of IWoGDS is to promote quality academic study on gender and development programmes through extensive course offerings across disciplines. The Institute shall embark on projects that address gender equality in the economical, social and political arenas. It will also promote gender equality in the areas of Gender Based Violence, Reproductive Health and HIV/AIDS.

Our Core Values

In conducting its business, IWoGDS shall be guided by the following core values: gender sensitivity, value diversity and multiple perspectives, knowledge-building through real-life issues, interactive learning environment, social responsibility, professionalism, high integrity and ethical behaviour.

Specific Objectives

The specific objectives of the Institute are to:

(a)       Conduct seminars, workshops, symposia and other relevant activities that will enhance research and development in the areas of women, gender and development studies.

(b)       Mount relevant certificate, diploma and degree programmes in women, gender and development studies.

(c)        Foster gender, women and development institutes and laureates in the areas of expertise.

(d)       Develop research fellowships, linkages, faculty and student exchanges in the areas of expertise with national and international partners.

(e)       Conduct research in the areas of need that are relevant to the objectives of IWoGDS.


Our Strategies

The Institute will adopt the following strategies:
  • Teaching and research in the areas of women, gender and development.
  • Gender Analysis – This involves a well-articulated and systematic gathering and examination of information on gender differences and social relations in order to identify, understand and redress inequities based on gender.
  • Gender Planning – The activities here will address the technical processes and procedures for ensuring appropriate formulation and implementation of gender-based policies.
  • Gender Mainstreaming – The activities will centre around strategies aimed at providing gender perspectives in institutional policies and programmes. It will also provide a platform for capacity building and social justice.
  • Development of a Database – A robust database will be developed to provide information on women, gender and development issues particularly in areas such as entrepreneurship, climate change, conflict, violence, poverty, culture, disasters, health, agriculture, science and technology, education, human rights among others.
  • Collaboration – The Institute will actively develop linkages with national and international organisations to facilitate adequate networking for the actualisation of her goals.
  • Development of a Gender Library – This will serve as a resource centre where print and electronic materials will be stored and also made easily accessible to staff, students and the general public. It will provide opportunity for individual and group learning. Being a resource centre, there will be huge collections of materials on gender and arts, sciences, humanities, social sciences, religion, education, law, technology, health, environment, family, agriculture etc.
  • Gender Laboratory – The Laboratory will serve as a women and gender diagnostic centre. Gender issues will be identified and investigated with a view to proffering sustainable solutions.

Connect with us

Institute of Women, Gender and Development Studies (IWoGDS), Federal University of Technology, PMB 1526 Owerri , Imo State, Nigeria.

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